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Spicy Fantasy: Warrior of Fire (25% off)

Spicy Fantasy: Warrior of Fire (25% off)

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~ 3.5  inches, black nickel plated, UV printed.

Currently on sale: 25% off. Discount applied during checkout.

Standard/A Grade: Zero to minimal visible errors. Since pins are handmade, they may contain minimal errors that can be seen up close but does not distract from the overall design.

Seconds/B Grade: May contain some visible scratches, dents, screen printing errors, incorrect enamel color or other imperfections. No two pins are alike and the varying errors will be random. Cannot be returned due to the flaws.

C Grade: May contain much more obvious flaws such as scratches, dents, screen printing errors or incorrect enamel colors. 

International Buyers: Please be aware that you will need to pay all duties/fees/taxes for your purchase. Not shipping to Germany.

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